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The most advanced location-based media buying tool.

We incorporate the value of location behaviour and the AdLoop data advantage into each step of the advertising process for maximum – and undeniable – results.

From media buying and targeted audience creation to campaign measurement, exploring your options elsewhere is no longer a requirementis is a paragraph. Click here to add / edit your own text. This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about your product or service. How can you benefit them?

Our proprietary self-serve programmatic solution and the most advanced location-based advertising tool – all rolled into one.

Execute on desktop and mobile based on preset location-powered audiences or build your own from various geographical and demographic inputs, plus get powerful advertising insights on our very own reporting dashboard.

AdLoop first launched as an alternative to Google and Facebook 5 years ago. Given the lack of resources available to a cannabis advertiser, AdLoop decided as of January 2018 to start accepting cannabis advertisers on our platform as the first mainstream ad platform to do so. We are currently working with many of the largest brands, retailers and companies in cannabis and CBD.


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AdLoop [] provides a smarter way to target customers using Location Behavior. Using first-party, location-based behavior signals, advanced data analytics, and proprietary software, AdLoop creates and targets customized, performance-boosting audience segments. Proprietary algorithms and data, combined with Artificial Intelligence, generate attribution models that connect consumer behavior in the physical world to behavior in the digital world, helping solve complex challenges for brands and agencies.


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